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Maria Sharapova returns and gets another free ride

I was going to simply continue on as one of the biggest fans of women’s professional tennis quietly, but since Maria is back, then so am I.

I have never seen a tennis player get as many breaks as this one.  Talk about the luck of the draw!  She’s finally coming back on the tour and she picks the Warsaw Open.  Good choice.  It’s a clay court just prior to the French Open and all the big names have already had their practice for the surface (or practice walking off the surface like Serena!  Get well…now!).  She’s accepted as a wild card near the top of the draw and it looks like she’ll at least have to play some solid players to get through this one.  Alas, no.  Radwanska withdrew!  And what do we get from the WTA site?  Another headline for Maria and how she’s “cruising.”  Well, I’d hope so.  She beat a qualifier and then a lucky loser.  Gee, stellar results.  Serena was NOT given a bye in her last tournament though she was the #2 ranked player.  Venus got one and she’s ranked #4.  It never makes sense to me.

Shame, shame, shame the the WTA is just as guilty as the sponsors.  If they aren’t blonde and gorgeous, they will not be at the top of the coverage list.

French Open qualifying rounds are already taking place.  I can never allow myself to see those results until it’s all over.  The number of American and French players who go out in early rounds at this tourny is always very depressing.


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