About the Armchair Champion

I began my professional backseat tennis playing when I was just a kid.  I was fascinated that Goolagong seemed to be the only one who could beat little Chrissie Everett; that Chris seemed to be the only one who could beat King; King could beat Court; and then Martina showed up and changed everything.  On the men’s side, I loved Connor and watched in amazement the scrappy, loud-mouthed emotional newcomer they called John McEnroe.  I missed the Graff and Sampras years due to college and self-obsession, but plugged back in around 1999.  By 2001, it was a habit worse than crack.

Who better to blab endlessly about pro tennis than someone who loves them all so much? … Um, okay, I don’t love all of them, but I’ll talk about that soon enough, I’m sure.

Please disagree with me often, challenge my predictions, and really let your tennis passion fly. 


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